construction bookkeeping

A foreman or contractor will bill a customer at a fixed price-per-unit rate. It is common to use this billing method, especially when companies aren’t able to estimate the unit production for the project with certainty. Contractors may increase their revenue if they’ve estimated the unit pricing correctly. But since production quantities can end up higher than expected, there can be a risk between customer and company. So, what are some key things to keep in mind when managing accounts for a construction company? Use the following practices to make everyone’s life easier and keep records compliant.

How do you account for a construction project?

  1. Separate Personal and Business Expenses.
  2. Break Down Project Costs—Job Costing.
  3. Record Day-to-Day Financial Transactions.
  4. Select Revenue Recognition Methods.
  5. Track Business Expenses.
  6. Reconcile Bank and Supplier Statements.
  7. Pay Estimated Taxes.

The financial reporting segment takes the same data from revenue management and compiles reports instantly for quick review. Under the financial management segment, you can make intercompany entries and manage workflows and content management. It allows adjustments to be made easily and can provide month-end and year-end reporting quickly.


Labor costs are less predictable, mostly due to unexpected events or interruptions (weather, illness, etc.) that can have a crew falling behind. Since most construction contracts want the jobs completed as soon as possible, labor can also include overtime pay, meaning crew hours must be tracked carefully. Yes, it is impossible for a modern-day construction project to be run without proper accounting and bookkeeping services.

  • Construction software becomes a one-stop platform for everything from prices to contracts and compliance.
  • Find more of what you need with these tools, resources, and solutions.
  • Therefore, the accuracy of bookkeeping and accounting plays a crucial role to give a full insight into their financial health and support to making informed business decisions.
  • Then include a second set of numbers that reflect the retainage value which should be shown as a credit.

Conduct an audit of a project that will build a report easy for your certified public accountant to digest and work from. When it comes to financials, the software offers bid management, change orders and purchase orders . You can invoice clients and make payments directly from the app and monitor the budget to make sure you stay on track.

Overhead Costs

Contract retainage is a portion of the final payment withheld until a later date to ensure the contractor has correctly and completely finished a construction project. Job costing includes material retail accounting purchases, subcontractor payments, and payroll. Unlock the keys to your success with financial projections and prepare for the future with cash flow management assistance from Rooks Bookkeeping.

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When in the project management segment, you can incorporate quality and safety standards, have design coordination and oversee the entire project. Resource management solutions include a labor chart and field productivity data. This is best for contractors who want to integrate an accounting and project management platform with construction drawing and output.

Tips to Simplify Your Construction Bookkeeping – 7 Strategies to Consider

Based on the contract, schedule accounts payable as needed so that no accounts go overdue. CoConstruct is your partner in managing unlimited construction projects with its four-part software platform. The platform starts with preconstruction details that include a cost catalog, lead management and a section for proposals and contracts.

construction bookkeeping

These are just a few examples of the complexity related to bookkeeping for construction companies. Caryl Ramseyhas years of experience assisting in different aspects of bookkeeping, taxes, and customer service. She uses a variety of accounting software for setting up client information, reconciling accounts, coding expenses, running financial reports, and preparing tax returns. She is also experienced in setting up corporations with the State Corporation Commission and the IRS. Having all of your construction company’s money in one account leads to a lot of frustration and confusion.

Open Multiple Bank Accounts

Setting goals, creating budgets, tracking progress, and analyzing results are all key elements that contribute to a successful budget. By setting goals and creating a budget, you can track your progress to ensure you meet your financial objectives and stay on track with your project timeline. Good record keeping helps to reduce errors, improve accuracy and prepare financial statements.

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