This is another one of my favorite gifts to give and works for both men and women. It’s funny and light-hearted, and a great reminder of this incredible accomplishment. You could even attach the gift card to a water bottle or yoga mat. Sobriety calendars are simple and valuable tools for tracking one’s recovery journey. There are tons of non-alcoholic winemakers, but few make good virgin champagne. Chateau de Fleur makes an excellent non-alcoholic bubbly, so your loved one can celebrate their milestone in style .

As the rest of the world swirls down to the bottom of the bottle, some of us just want to enjoy our alcohol-free lives and give amazing gifts we love and appreciate. It’s normal to feel down when you’re trying to overcome an addiction.

Suggestions for How to Celebrate a Sobriety Anniversary

I highly recommend Lighthouse for anyone struggling with alcohol or drug addiction. While it may not be too unique or special in most people’s eyes, these can still be great gifts because your loved one can use them right away. Respect your loved one’s boundaries sobriety gifts when deciding whether to celebrate privately or in a large public party setting. You can get your loved one a personal token to mark their accomplishment. This could be a journal or a piece of jewelry, a watch or a key chain with the date engraved.

gift to celebrate sobriety

We promise you that this gift looks more luxe than its price. That special person in your life will be pleased when you gift this meaningful treasure they can wear for any occasion. Meditation allows you to clear your mind, relax, and experience emotions in a non-threatening way, which is why it is the perfect gift for someone in recovery. Addiction takes a strong mental and physical hold on an individual and meditation is a tool for taking back control of yourself. Creating a personalized photo album is a great way to show someone in recovery how much they mean to you. It is something they can turn to as a reminder of how important the memories you share are and the wonderful things they have in their life. Justin earned a master’s degree in counseling with a specialization in rehabilitation from Adler University.

Engraved Gifts

Once we get and stay sober, we carry this feeling wherever we go. This can also be the best opportunity to celebrate their sobriety and their whole journey. Add value to your gifts by emphasizing their accomplishments and how proud you are of them. We’re here 24/7 to help you get the care you need to live the life you want. Talk to our recovery specialists today and start treatment immediately. Along with art projects, there are a number of do-it-yourself kits that you can purchase for your loved one to help keep them occupied with something. Early sobriety is filled with feelings of boredom, anxiety, depression, loneliness, and more.

Dad Celebrates His 9-Year Sobriety Anniversary With Surprise Gift From Teen Daughter – Bored Panda

Dad Celebrates His 9-Year Sobriety Anniversary With Surprise Gift From Teen Daughter.

Posted: Tue, 04 Oct 2022 14:35:07 GMT [source]

Experiences are always unique gift ideas, especially for people in recovery. Think about any local attractions you can visit or one-in-a-lifetime experiences they’ve always wanted to try. It can be as lavish as a hot air balloon ride, a spa day, or a luxury hotel stay. Or, it can be as simple as a road trip to a nearby beach or park.

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